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Welcome to 糖心Vlog, a Catholic school for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition (Years 512). Here, you鈥檒l be able to find all of the information that you and your family need for your son鈥檚 first year with us.听

At Waverley, we鈥檒l work with you to empower your son to reach his potential. You鈥檙e joining a vibrant and supportive College community with strong values and a proud heritage – and your son is part of a new cohort of students who will help to shape the future of our school.听

The College is committed to developing innovative Teaching & Learning and Wellbeing Programs that support students to flourish spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, culturally and physically. As part of the Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) network, we鈥檙e guided by the four Edmund Rice Touchstones:

  • Liberating Education
  • Gospel Spirituality
  • Inclusive Community
  • Justice & Solidarity

Our aim is to deliver dynamic, lifelong learning that will inspire your son to make a positive contribution to society. We鈥檙e all wired to want to be connected; it鈥檚 what gives us purpose and meaning in our lives. As such, your son will participate in activities, experiences and College traditions that will encourage him to reflect, celebrate and question as he builds positive relationships across the school community.

When our young men immerse themselves in the life of the College, they feel connected. When they feel connected, they鈥檙e able to concentrate on their learning and self-development to the best of their abilities. As you know, parents play an important part in developing this connection – particularly early on. Positive discussion, showing an interest in what your son is doing, allowing him to make mistakes and helping him to develop strategies will all contribute to a strong start.听

We also encourage you to become connected yourself – by joining the Parents鈥 Association, volunteering for the canteen or participating in one of our parent support groups. Our Parents鈥 Association appoints year group representatives who organise social events for families and promote close community connections. Forming your own network of Waverley families can be an invaluable source of support as your son embarks on his journey with us.

Parents and carers can keep up to date with what鈥檚 happening at the College by reading our weekly Nurrunga newsletter and downloading the Waverley App.

Please reach out if you have any questions, and encourage your son to do the same. As a first point of contact, our Reception staff are happy to refer you to the relevant member of staff.

In the meantime, we welcome your family wholeheartedly and look forward to working with you.听

Mr Graham Leddie


Key Dates

Click here to view the term and holiday dates.

First Day of School

Junior School

School starts at 8:40am and finishes at 3pm every day. Before-school supervision starts at 8:15am.听

  • Year 5 commence at 8:40am on Monday, 29 January 2024
  • Year 6 commence at 8:40am on Tuesday, 30 January 2024

Students need to assemble in the playground by 8:40am on their first day. This is where they鈥檒l meet our Director of Junior School and their class teachers.听

Senior School

School starts at 8:40am and finishes at 3:15pm every day. Before-school supervision starts at 8am.听

  • Years 7听 commence at 8:40am on Monday, 29 January 2024
  • Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 commence at 8:40am on Tuesday, 30 January 2024

Year 7

Year 7 students should assemble in the gymnasium by 8:30am. This is where your son/s will meet their Heads of House on Monday, 29 January.

Years 8-12

Students in Years 8 to 12 should report to Reception by 8:30am on Tuesday, 30 January.

Books and Equipment

Textbooks are issued on the first day of the year. If your son is in Years 5 or 6, we鈥檒l send you an email about stationery requirements.听

Years 7 and 8 receive a College stationery pack, which contains:

  • Exercise books
  • A pencil case and lanyard
  • Pens, pencils and coloured pencils
  • An eraser, ruler, sharpener and glue
  • A calculator, compass and geometry set

The cost of the stationery pack is automatically added to your Term 1 school account.听

Students in other years need to organise their own stationery. Teachers will clarify the items required for each subject.

College Diary

The College Diary is a one stop reference point for wellbeing and curriculum information. It also contains all key College dates and is an essential tool for ensuring boys are organised in terms of homework, assessment tasks and examinations.

Students are required to use the College Diary during each lesson to record homework. Each Term in their Mentor Group, they are required to set and review SMART goals.

Laptop Programme

Waverley does not offer a Bring Your Own Device scheme for laptops; instead all students are issued with a fully managed Macbook Air. Laptops are renewed on a regular basis, and whilst in their possession, students are responsible for the device and must care for it as if it were their own. Devices are fully supported by the College鈥檚 iAssist Team and any problems or issues should be raised with iAssist at the earliest opportunity. The College uses software to monitor usage and to protect students when at school. Laptops remain the property of the College during the time they are in student use.


Senior School students are allocated a locker and padlock for the year. Only College-issued padlocks are permitted and lost or damaged padlocks must be replaced at an additional cost, which is charged to the school account.

Lockers are to remain locked and clean at all times. We remind students not to bring valuable items to school. The College takes no responsibility for the loss or damage of valuables.

House and Mentor Group Allocation

Every student of 糖心Vlog is allocated to a House and a mentor group. Mentor groups are organised by House and inter-school activities and competitions are organised between the Houses.

Key House events include House Meetings, House Swimming and Athletics carnivals, House competitions, annual House Masses and supper.

All eight Houses are named after previous principals. Students with siblings at the College will be allocated to the same House as their sibling/s, but not the same Mentor group.

Your son will be told of his House and Mentor group on the first day of school.

To assist with the transition into high school, our Year 7 Camp is held in Term 1 where students have rich opportunities to connect with their Heads of House and other Year 7s in their House. Prior to the camp, Year 7 attend a Commissioning Mass and supper.

Parents and carers have an opportunity to meet their sons’ Mentors on TBC

Heads of House

Aungier House John McCoy headofaungier@waverley.nsw.edu.au
Brennan House Kaitlyn Downey headofbrennan@waverley.nsw.edu.au
Conlon House Cathy O鈥橲ullivan headofconlon@waverley.nsw.edu.au
Green House Scott Coleman听 headofgreen@waverley.nsw.edu.au
Lacey House Damien Thompson headoflacey@waverley.nsw.edu.au
O鈥機onnor House Matthew Barr headofoconnor@waverley.nsw.edu.au
Quinn House Rebecca Gair headofquinn@waverley.nsw.edu.au
Tevlin House John McCallum headoftevlin@waverley.nsw.edu.au


Junior School Contacts

44 Henrietta Street, Waverley NSW 2024

02 9387 5022 (Reception, 8am鈥4pm) | juniorschool@waverley.nsw.edu.au

Curriculum and Wellbeing

For matters relating to academic, social, physical and spiritual development, including discipline, peer relationships and attendance:

1st contact:听Class Teacher听

2nd contact: Mr Stephen Ghattas, Assistant Director of Identity & Student Formation | sghattas@waverley.nsw.edu.au

Optional: Ms Alex McCredie, Junior School Psychologist | amccredie@waverley.nsw.edu.au


For matters relating to team training sessions, team expectations, selection, venues and times:

1st contact:听Class Teacher听

2nd contact: Ms Jade Sparks, Assistant Director of Co-Curricular | jsparks@waverley.nsw.edu.au

Senior School Contacts

131 Birrell Street, Waverley NSW 2024

02 9369 0600 (Reception, 7:30am鈥3:30pm) | wavcoll@waverley.nsw.edu.au

To change your contact details (email, phone number or address): please login to the parent portal, you will be provided with access details early in Term 1.


For matter relating to progress in a subject, content of a subject, performance in assessments and conduct in class:

1st contact: class teacher

2nd contact: Head of Department听

3rd contact: Ms Lynsey Porter, Director of Curriculum | lporter@waverley.nsw.edu.au


For matters relating to academic, social, physical and spiritual development, including discipline, peer relationships and attendance:听

1st contact: Head of House or Wellbeing Mentor

Optional: College Psychologist


For matters relating to training sessions, team expectations, selection, venues and times:听

1st contact: Team Convenor

2nd contact: Mr Stephen Wilmot, Assistant Director of Co-Curricular | swilmot@waverley.nsw.edu.au

3rd contact: Mr Stephen O鈥橠onnell, Director of Co-Curricular | sodonnell@waverley.nsw.edu.au

Health Centre

To update your son’s medical information:

1st contact: College Nurse | nurse@waverley.nsw.edu.au


To volunteer in the canteen: Ms Nina Kormanyos, Senior Canteen Manager | nkormanyos@waverley.nsw.edu.au


Junior School

Our Junior School curriculum is based on mandatory patterns of study across subjects prescribed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

Academic Care

All students are PAT tested before commencing in Year 5, so we can make sure that we tailor our teaching to your son鈥檚 needs. PAT data helps us to identify learning support requirements and develop individual programs that help with Literacy and Numeracy development, as well as academic talents that we can nurture through our academic enrichment program.


Senior School

Year 7

In Year 7, there are more subjects and students explore topics in more depth. Our Senior School curriculum is also based on mandatory patterns of study prescribed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

Academic Care

All students are Allwell tested before commencing in Year 7. These are NAPLAN-style tests that allow the College to track academic performance from Year 6 , Year 8 and through to Year 10.

We use Allwell testing data to make sure that we tailor our teaching to your son鈥檚 learning needs. It helps us to identify learning support and academic enrichment requirements.

In term 1, Year 7 students and their parents will attend a study skills evening to help them navigate the greater workload in high school across a larger range of subjects and teachers. Students also have access to the Study Skills Website by Dr Prue Salter throughout their time at the College. The login details are located in the College Diary.

Diverse Learning

The Head of Learning Support and the Academic Enrichment Coordinator oversee the College鈥檚 processes for identifying students with diverse learning needs. They collaborate with departments to implement curriculum adjustments and activities that will enhance your son鈥檚 learning and transfer information from the classroom into more appropriate contexts.

There are a variety of rewarding internal and external academic enrichment opportunities. Identified students may also receive recommendations regarding their patterns of study and be able to apply for the Years 9 and 10 Applied Philosophy courses as part of the Year 8 subject selection process.

There are also a number of opportunities for students who require literacy, numeracy and learning support including Spelling Mastery in Stage 4 and Work Education in Stage 5.

Literacy and Numeracy Tutorials

The College offers extra-curricular opportunities after school in the Library on Mondays to Thursdays for students wanting literacy or numeracy support, or general assistance with their class work.听 Students are invited to take up these opportunities as needed.

The Approach

In Years 7 and 8, we aim to move students from recall and explanation (lower levels of thinking) to analysis and evaluation (higher levels of thinking). At this stage, we want to prepare students for the increased academic rigour of high school and create a springboard to the highest levels of learning: evaluating current knowledge and designing new knowledge.



Wellbeing Program

The 糖心Vlog Wellbeing Program is designed to help your son flourish across his spiritual, cognitive, emotional, social and physical dimensions. We鈥檙e a member of the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) and we鈥檒l support your son to form positive relationships across the whole College community because students who feel connected to each other, their families and the wider community find greater purpose and meaning in their lives.

Our Wellbeing Framework also takes the work of Professor Michael Fullan using Deep Learning that blends wellbeing and learning though the globally identified 6 Cs, activating our students’ innate desire to connect and be curious.

Support Structures

Your son will be part of a wellbeing group that meets every morning. Every teacher at the College is a wellbeing mentor with an allocated wellbeing group. Groups consist of approximately 12 students from Years 7-12 in the Senior School and 18 students across Years 5 and 6 in the Junior School.听

He will also work closely with his Head of House. Our eight Heads of House are based in the College Wellbeing Centre and help to nurture intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional and physical development. In addition, we actively encourage positive role modelling through our student leadership team (House Captains, House Prefects, and College Captains and Vice Captains).


For us, it鈥檚 not just about helping Waverley families when a crisis occurs. It鈥檚 about prevention and helping you and your son navigate issues before they escalate. Our psychologists are available to talk with your son about any aspect of his life, including school, emotional, behavioural, relationship and family issues. If you have any concerns or you鈥檙e experiencing difficulties at home, they鈥檙e also on hand to support you.

Our psychologists are available as follows.

  • Junior School: Monday to Friday during school hours
  • Senior School: Monday to Friday during school hours听

Accessing psychological support at 糖心Vlog is a confidential process that gives students the opportunity to speak to an impartial individual who won鈥檛 reveal what鈥檚 been discussed. However, in some cases, it鈥檚 necessary to talk to other members of staff. We will always discuss this with your son. Once 鈥 and only when 鈥 he gives consent for information to be shared, it may be appropriate to speak with a class teacher or Head of House, for example.

There are also instances where a psychologist is, by law, bound to share information with others 鈥 even without their consent. Under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, a psychologist has a mandatory reporting responsibility where there are reasonable grounds to believe that:

  • They are at risk.
  • A serious crime has been committed.
  • There is a serious risk of harm to self or others.
  • There has been a subpoena served to present documents to Court.
  • There has been a formal complaint that requires investigation.


At Waverley, we want to offer our parents access to relevant and informative resources that can help them in their journey with their children. SchoolTV is a world-first wellbeing platform featuring psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. It addresses the modern-day realities faced by schools and parents who increasingly need clear, relevant and fact-based information around raising safe, happy and resilient young people.

Whilst there is a great deal of information available, this can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance. SchoolTV addresses this issue. It is an online resource designed to empower parents with credible, sound information with realistic and practical strategies.

This website brings together short (two to three minute) videos on a range of topics, including mental health, body image, cyber safety, drug and alcohol awareness, 听together with fact sheets and links to other relevant websites including Beyond Blue, Black Dog, Headspace, Reach Out, YouTube clips, TED Talks, etc.

View SchoolTV


Junior School

Ms Alex McCredie, Junior School Psychologist听


Ms Dawn Young, Junior School Psychologist


Senior School

Ms Samantha Jessen, Senior School Psychologist


Mr Greg Cameron, Senior School Psychologist (Mon-Weds)


Ms Olivia Stelling (Thurs/Fri)



Our Co-Curricular Program is an important part of College life. We believe that sport helps to build character, resilience and fitness, and we know that developing healthy lifelong practices is key to student wellbeing.听

The College is a proud member of the Combined Associated Schools of New South Wales (CAS) and the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA). Other co-curricular opportunities include Cadets, The Duke of Edinburgh鈥檚 International Award, Surf Life Saving, Public Speaking and Debating, Sustainability Group, Chess Club, STEM, Music and Drama.

Your son will have the opportunity to:

  • Set goals and strategies
  • Learn to work as part of a team
  • Practise leadership
  • Win with dignity
  • View loss as a development opportunity


Students can apply for two exemptions from co-curricular activities per year. Exemptions can only be granted by the Director of Co-Curricular and requests must be submitted in writing, at least two weeks before the proposed exemption date.

Private Music Tuition Form

Students can take private instrumental music lessons for an additional fee. Lessons are held during school hours on a rotating basis.

Find out more and register your son

Junior School Sport

Selecting Co-Curricular Activities

Summer and Winter Co-Curricular sports have already been selected. If you are yet to select your sports preferences please contact Mr Jack Wachtel on the contact details below.


1st contact:听 Ms Jade Sparks, Assistant Director of Co-Curricular | jsparks@waverley.nsw.edu.au

2nd contact: Mr Stephen O鈥橠onnell, Director of Co-Curricular | sodonnell@waverley.nsw.edu.au

Summer and Winter Season Sports

The Junior School is a member of the Independent Primary Schools Heads of Australia (IPSHA). This involves competition against other schools such as St Patrick鈥檚 Strathfield, St Aloysius鈥, Cranbrook, Newington Prep, St Ignatius’, Knox College, The Scots College, Sydney Grammar and Trinity College. The inter-school competition is played on Saturday mornings. For students who excel in sport, opportunities for selection at representative level, such as IPSHA and CIS (Combined Independent Schools), is available.

It is important that students understand the expectation that College teams require full dedication and commitment. This is especially difficult during Term 1 of Year 5, as many students are involved in club sport. However, it is a requirement of the College that all students, once committed to a Winter or Summer Team, must fulfil that obligation to the College.

Sports Trials

Trials for summer sport will occur in Week 1 in Term 1 during school time. Your son will have already nominated his sport preferences, and the trial system allows him to try more than one sport, providing the best opportunity to make a team in a sport that he is interested in playing.

Please note: all students will make a team, however it may not be their first preference. We strongly encourage all students to put in some preparation over the holiday period to ensure they give themselves the best chance of making their preferred sport.

The process is the same for the winter season, with the trials for teams being held towards the end of Term 1 and early Term 2. All this information is in the College Diary.


Once making a team, your son will be required to train twice a week. In most cases, training will be held after school from 3pm 鈥 4:30pm. Some teams do train from 7:15am 鈥 8:15am due to the availability of facilities. Please be aware of where your son will be training and where he is to be picked up or dropped off.

Absence from school sport

If your son will not be at a game, a note to the coach prior to the game is required. If he is absent from school on a Friday, please contact the College before 9:30am on that Friday to inform the coach if he will be attending the Saturday game. Should your son fall ill overnight, the team captain needs to be contacted. Phone numbers are provided at the start of each sporting season.

Wet Weather policy for training

If training is cancelled, students will be asked to make their own way home as usual at 3pm. This will be relayed via the Waverley app by 2pm.

Wet weather policy for Saturday sport

The Assistant Director of Co-Curricular will make all decisions regarding the cancellation of games due to the weather by 7am on Saturday morning. This will be communicated via the Waverley App by 7am. The Waverley app wet weather information will only relate to cancellations.

Swimming and Athletics Squads

The Swimming and Athletics Teams compete in an IPSHA competition. The swimming season begins early in Term 1, and those interested are encouraged to try out for the squad. Our swimming teams are selected based on the results of the school carnival.

Similarly, the athletics squad is open to those interested. The athletics season begins in August/September and teams are also chosen based on performance at school athletics activities and carnivals.

Water bottles

Students are expected to provide their own water bottle on Saturdays. It is against health regulations for students to share bottles. Students鈥 bottles should be clearly marked with their name. Water bottles can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.


Senior School Sport

Selecting Co-Curricular Activities

To select your son鈥檚 summer and winter co-curricular activities

Senior School Selection


1st contact Senior School: Team Convenor

2nd contact: Mr Stephen Wilmot, Assistant Director of Co-Curricular | swilmot@waverley.nsw.edu.au

3rd contact: Mr Stephen O鈥橠onnell, Director of Co-Curricular | sodonnell@waverley.nsw.edu.au

Absence from school sport

Wherever possible, the coach must be notified by the student concerned prior to the intended absence from training. Students are not permitted to pass messages on to their coaches via other students.

It is expected that students or parents notify the Director of Co-Curricular, in writing, 14 days prior or as well in advance as possible of unavoidable absences. Permission to be absent from either training or games will only be given in the most serious of circumstances. Representation in other outside teams, part-time jobs, outside school activities, etc. are not acceptable reasons. Once approved the student must advise the coach.

If a student is absent from a Saturday game because of an unforeseeable reason, he must report to his coach by 11am on Monday with either a doctor鈥檚 certificate for sickness or a note from home detailing the reason for his absence. Notes from home will not be accepted in the case of sickness. If the student fails to make contact with the coach, a detention will be issued.

All students in summer and winter sport teams must have their team captain鈥檚 phone number. The team captain should be contacted on the Saturday in case of sudden illness or last-minute transport problems. The captain may be able to help with transport. Students must still report to their coach with a doctor鈥檚 certificate on the Monday if unable to attend the game/activity.

Selection Policy

Students will be selected primarily by the coach according to their ability within their age group. Other factors, such as dependability and maturity, may also be taken into account. Students can only play in a consecutive age group with the convenor鈥檚 permission. Firsts players may consist of younger age group students only with permission from the Director of Co-Curricular.

Outside Representation/Sport

The College does not permit time off (either from school or sport) for attendance at extra sports outside the school. There are many problems associated with students participating in outside sport, including:

      • Interruption to study and homework time
      • Demands on family time
      • Physical demands that become quite difficult, e.g. tiredness, lack in performance
      • Greatly increased chances of injury and lack of recovery time from injury

New students to the College in Term 1 may be permitted to finish up with their existing club/group during this term only.


For special cases (e.g. high-level performance), athletes and swimmers may be granted summer and winter sport exemptions. Please note that exemptions will not be granted for part-time jobs, outside school sport representation, tuition, etc.

Exemptions enable students to continue training after their summer/winter commitments and allow them to train and compete within their Club and at State and National level. Students can then continue to the CAS.

College musicians may also apply for an exemption under certain circumstances.

Students interested in applying for an exemption should discuss the matter with their convenor before applying to the Director of Co-Curricular in writing.

Extended sickness/medical certificates/officials

Occasionally your son may become ill/injured and is unable to participate in games/trainings. To ensure that your son is not left out, he will be placed on 鈥極fficial Duties鈥, which consist of light duties such as scoring, set up of Queens Park for winter and scoreboard duties.

Away venues

Students are responsible for their own transport to and from games. If students have difficulty organising their own transport, they should contact their coach prior to the game. Being absent from a game on Saturday due to transport difficulties is not acceptable.

Medical assistance on Saturdays

During the home games (i.e. 1st XV / XI playing at Queens Park) in the winter sports program, a physiotherapist and paramedic are on duty at the park for Rugby and Football games. For other age groups playing elsewhere, students are more than welcome to return to Queens Park to see either of these two people. This service is provided free of charge for the students.

During away games (i.e. 1st XV / XI playing away), two physiotherapists are on duty 鈥 one at Queens Park (for other age groups) and one at the away venue. Paramedics are normally on duty at both of these venues. Host schools normally operate a similar service for their home games.

Water bottles

Students are expected to provide their own water bottle on Saturdays. It is against health regulations for students to share bottles. Students鈥 bottles should be clearly marked with their name. Water bottles can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.

Code of behaviour for players and spectators

Each student is representing the College and his family. Sportsmanship must be shown at all times, both on and off the field. Foul or dangerous play, retaliation, swearing or abusive language, arguing with referees/officials, or reacting to spectators will not be tolerated.

View more information on the CAS code of conduct for players and spectators

Pre-season training

The College has both a summer and winter pre-season training program. Winter pre-season training occurs at the end of Term 1, with all students expected to participate in preparation for the commencement of the winter season at the beginning of Term 2. Summer pre-season training occurs at the end of Term 3, and is open to those students interested in trialling in A and B teams in Cricket, Basketball and Tennis. The program has been introduced to remain competitive with other schools, and also addresses the aspect of safety through adequate preparation.

The normal training pattern applies (two afternoons per week and one or two Saturdays 鈥 internal trials).

Training and times

For each of the sports listed, training is normally held two afternoons a week 鈥 from 3:30pm until 5pm, or before school from 7:15am until 8:15am.

Training usually takes place at the College or Queens Park. If training is at Queens Park, students must change into training gear at the park, not at school. Students must wear their College uniforms to school if travelling by public transport or walking. They are not permitted to wear training gear to school.


The correct on-field uniform must be worn during all games. No variation of the uniform is allowed. This includes travelling to and from games. The summer/winter season sports uniform (including supporting 1sts games) is either the College academic uniform or the College PE uniform. Non-College T-shirts/caps or other clothing is not permitted.

Game Draw

Competition games are normally held on a Saturday. The game venue and time is listed in the Nurrunga newsletter (published every Friday afternoon), and is also available on the College website. The full sports draw is published at the commencement of each season, indicating opposition teams, venues and times for games. Draws can also be found on the College website.

Wet weather arrangements

Winter: Rugby and Football fixtures are very rarely cancelled on Saturdays. For confirmation of play, students should phone the College wet weather number (8250 3780) after 7am on the Saturday morning and after 11am for afternoon games. Messages are also sent via the Waverley app.

Summer: Cricket, Tennis, Outdoor Basketball and Cycling, students should ring the College wet weather number (02 8250 3780) after 7am for morning games and after 11am for afternoon games.

Queens Park Pavilion

Due to the large number of spectators and limited facilities, fold-up chairs may be more comfortable and suitable. All spectators are requested to remain behind the rope on the field. Coaches and reserves are the only people permitted beyond this boundary. Please observe this safety precaution. Only invited guests may use the top floor of the Pavilion which is used for staff, coaches, teachers, afternoon teas for teams and guests of the Principal, etc.

Queens Park Tuck Shop

The tuckshop is open on Saturday mornings/afternoons when home games are being played for either the 1st XV Rugby, 1st XI Football (winter) or the 1st XI Cricket (summer). It provides a much-needed service for both students and spectators, satisfying the appetite as well as raising funds for the various Supporters’ Groups. Your help at any time is much appreciated.听

Awards and assemblies

There is no formal competition in the CAS outside the 1sts games in summer and winter; the idea is that sport is for the enjoyment of playing another school.

At 糖心Vlog, each member of a team who goes through the CAS season undefeated is presented with a pennant or certificate (senior students). These are presented by specially invited guests. In the past, guests have been famous Old Boy sportsmen, or current national and international players. These major presentations are made at assemblies at the end of each season.

Other important sporting events and awards are recognised at assemblies during the year including the Swimming and Track and Field Teams; winter and summer 1sts and ‘A’ grade captains. Parents are more than welcome to any of these assemblies.

Major sports awards

  • JJ O鈥橞rien Award for Leadership, Study and Sport
  • WJ Corbett Prize for Best All Round Sportsman

Other awards

  • Greg Carmody Award for best Year 11 Sportsman
  • Principal Medal – Sport for each Year Group
  • Special Awards presented by Supporters’ Groups and Old Boys

Uniform Shop

We recommend that you make an appointment to ensure we can provide you with a personalised and efficient fitting service. Full uniform will be available for immediate purchase or alternatively, you are welcome to use our lay-by service and collect your order prior to the start of Term 1, 2024.听

To book your son鈥檚 uniform fitting, click .听

For information about click and collect, trading hours, size guides, delivery information and the uniform policy. To learn about the uniform change click here.

T: 02 9369 0709

E: waverley@noone.com.au


Attendance and Absence

Reporting absences

To report a single day absence, please use the Waverley App.听

Alternatively, you can call the School Absentee line (02 9369 0632) before 9am. Please identify yourself and leave your son鈥檚 name, year and the reason for the absence. You can also contact our Attendance Administrator directly at attendance@waverley.nsw.edu.au or phone 02 9369 0764.

An SMS text message will be sent to parents鈥/carers鈥 mobile phone at 10am if a student is recorded as absent without explanation.

A medical certificate is required when a student鈥檚 illness affects examinations, sport commitments or compulsory College events such as the House Mass, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals and May Procession. This also applies to any absence on the last day of a school Term.

Late for School and Early Departure

Students are expected to be at school by 8:35am, for classes commencing at 8:45am. School finishes at 3:15pm.

Please enter any Late Arrival or Early Departure via the Waverley App with the reason, ahead of time or before 11am, and these will be recorded in your son鈥檚 Attendance Record with 鈥淧arent Acknowledgement.鈥

Late Arrival: Once entered in the App your son must sign in at Wellbeing (Senior School) or Reception (Junior School) where they will be provided with a late slip for their teacher on arrival to the classroom.

Early Departure (Senior School): Once entered in the App your son must sign out at Wellbeing (before 12pm) or Reception (after 12pm) before departing the College.

Early Departure (Junior School): Once entered in the App your son must sign out at Junior School Reception before departing the College.

Alternatively, if there is a valid reason for the lateness or early departure, an email or note must be provided to the Attendance Administrator or Head of House in advance. If a student does not have a valid reason, the lateness will be recorded on the student鈥檚 attendance record as no valid excuse. Once a student has been late three times with no valid reason, a detention will be issued by the Head of House.


We expect students to be at school and attend every class. Truancy or leaving the school without permission is a serious offence and can result in suspension. Attendance across all periods is recorded and monitored. Failure to attend classes will have consequences determined by the Deputy Principal, Head of Student Wellbeing and/or Head of House.

Holiday and leave requests

Junior School: Parents/Carers requesting permission for up to three days of leave or extended holiday periods exceeding three school days must apply for permission from the Director of the Junior School. Permission needs to be in writing at least two weeks in advance and is not automatically granted.

Please send the email to ssanchez@waverley.nsw.edu.au and your request will be forwarded to Ms Gaby Bransby.

Senior School: Parents/Carers requesting permission for up to four days of leave must contact their son鈥檚 Head of House. For extended holiday periods exceeding four school days, permission is requested from the Deputy Principal 鈥 Students or Head of Student Wellbeing. Permission needs to be in writing at least two weeks in advance and is not automatically granted.

Appointments during school hours

Parents are asked not to make medical appointments during school time where possible. Students who need to leave for an appointment during school hours are required to do as follows.

Junior School: Please enter in the Waverley App or provide an email to attendance@waverley.nsw.edu.au. Students must depart and return to school via Junior School Reception.

Senior School: Please enter in the Waverley App or, email or note should be directed to the Head of House or Attendance Administrator detailing the reason for absence and the time of early departure or late arrival. Students must sign in and sign out at the Wellbeing Centre (before 12pm) or Main Reception (after 12pm) prior to leaving and on arrival at the College.

Feeling unwell at school

Junior School students who feel unwell at school should notify their class teacher.

Senior School students need to report to the Health Centre if they are unwell or require medical attention. If your son is too unwell to stay at school, our College Nurse will contact you as soon as possible.

Transport and Travel Passes

Opal Cards

Subsidised school Opal cards are available between home and school, for attendance on school days only. They are valid for travel between 6:30am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.听

If your son is changing schools or transitioning from Year 6 to Year 7, you need to update your details online as there is no automatic carry over. The only exception is light rail, where updates are automatically applied.

Apply or update your details

If you have any questions and your son is in Years 5 or 6, please contact juniorschool@waverley.nsw.edu.au. Senior School queries can be directed to Ms Suzi Sucur ssucur@waverley.nsw.edu.au.

School specials

School buses are provided by Transport NSW. Follow the steps below to find out more.

  1. Go to
  2. Select 鈥楾rip Planner鈥 and enter the trip details (to and/or from 糖心Vlog)
  3. Click on ‘More Options’ and then click 鈥楻efine鈥
  4. Select the mode of transport 鈥楽chool Bus鈥 for school special buses (you can also unselect various modes where not applicable). The available routes, times and a map will then be displayed.

Behaviour on public transport

糖心Vlog students who use public transport are representing the school. The standards of behaviour, grooming, language and uniform that we expect at school, also apply when travelling on public transport. Students are required to:

    • Board and leave the bus or train in an orderly manner.
    • Behave safely at all times.
    • Accept that the driver or guard is in charge and obey instructions.
    • Be considerate when storing bags and refrain from placing them on seats or in walkways.
    • Respect other travellers by keeping noise levels to a minimum and remaining seated.
    • Give up their seats for public passengers when the bus/train is full without waiting to be asked.


To discuss school fees please email our Finance Administrator |schoolfees@waverley.nsw.edu.au

Information Technology

View more information about our Mac Program, email and Internet monitoring, technology levy, CANVAS, printing, storage, self-control apps and IT support here.



We鈥檒l ask you for an email address when you enrol with us. If you change your email address, please inform the Junior School Reception or Senior School Wellbeing Centre as soon as possible. You are also able to log on to the Parent Portal and update your details yourself.听

Find contact information for faculty members, facilities and associated organisations听here.


We鈥檒l also ask for your mobile phone number/s when you enrol with us. We use SMS text messages to notify you of student absences and time-sensitive updates such as sport cancellations.

Waverley App

We鈥檒l send you notifications through the Waverley app.

Access the Waverley app here.

Nurrunga Newsletter

Nurrunga is our weekly newsletter delivered directly to your and your son’s inbox every Friday afternoon. It includes important updates from our Principal and College Leadership Team, vital information from teachers, and Key Dates for the weeks ahead.

The current and previous editions of Nurrunga can be accessed:

  • Via the Waverley app


  • Via the College website News section here.


  • Via the College website Nurrunga archive here.

Parent Portal

Report and attendance information is kept on our Parent Portal, which you can access via the College website homepage (see top right). Registration and login instructions are sent via email before the school year commences.


CANVAS is the 糖心Vlog learning management system (LMS), where we create learning communities that allow us to share resources and content with students. Access to CANVAS is via the College website homepage (see top right). Login details are provided at commencement.


As a Waverley family, you have access to SchoolTV. SchoolTV is a wellbeing platform designed to empower parents, featuring psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. You can access a range of informative videos and fact sheets on everything from mental health and body image to cyber safety and drug and alcohol awareness.听

View SchoolTV


糖心Vlog Photo Gallery – Flickr

糖心Vlog has a Flickr Page which allows the College Community to view and download photos after College Events, Sports Fixtures, etc.

Please save which will provide you with access to our photographs week-to-week. The link can also be found on the 鈥楲inks鈥 button within the 糖心Vlog App.

If you have any questions please contact sportsimages@waverley.nsw.edu.au

Welcome from the Parents' Association

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wanted to take the opportunity on behalf of the 糖心Vlog Parents’ Association to welcome you to 糖心Vlog and our community.听

The next Parents鈥 Association meeting and AGM will take place on Tuesday, 13 February 2024 at 7:30am, location TBC. You are very welcome to attend, please keep an eye on the Waverley App and weekly Nurrunga newsletter for location.

There will be numerous exciting events throughout next year, and your ideas and energy are very welcome. Please consider getting involved in the Parents鈥 Association, a vital part of the 糖心Vlog community.

You are beginning a new and exciting journey with your son, which comes with a mix of emotions. I can assure you that you have chosen a remarkable school that will provide your son with endless opportunities, lasting friendships and exciting new experiences.听

About the Parents’ Association

We are:

  • President听 – Louise Lakomy
  • President – Mande Ilac
  • Vice President – Rozy Dorizas
  • Carl Lee 鈥 Secretary
  • Peter Sertori 鈥 Treasurer

Our governing principles are that we:

  • Adopt a partnership approach with the College in providing our students with a Catholic education in the traditions of Edmund Ignatius Rice.
  • Aim to provide a conduit for two-way information between school and parents/carers/friends of the College community.
  • Provide a friendly and welcoming environment to make it easier for parents/carers to meet, socialise and become involved and thereby enjoy a sense of belonging to the 糖心Vlog parent/carer community.
  • Provide a platform to raise funds via school levies and other fundraising activities for the benefit of our students.
  • Provide a discussion forum for matters affecting our students’ education and development to be discussed and solutions enacted.

Get Involved

There are many ways parents/carers at 糖心Vlog can be involved:

  • Come along to a Parents’ Association meeting. The meetings are held each Term at the College, and it’s a great opportunity to hear what’s happening in the school community from the College executives and parents. The overarching goal of the WCPA is to assist in making 糖心Vlog a more friendly, inclusive, communal and happier place (for both parents/carers and students) which fosters a better educational environment.听
  • Volunteer to perform a role and do what you can, when time permits. The Junior and Senior School canteen are always appreciative of parent/carer volunteers, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other parents/carers, teachers and students. A link will be sent with details of how to volunteer.
  • Put your hand up to be a Parent Year Representative 鈥 we currently have two Parent Representatives, for each Year level, who will be in touch to introduce themselves early in Term 1. The Parent Representatives will organise casual get-togethers for parents and help keep you informed. The more support we have from parents/carers, the better. If you would like to volunteer to be a Parent Representative, please let me know by emailing passociation@waverley.nsw.edu.au
  • We are currently looking for a Year 5, 2024 Parent Rep. Please complete if you are interested in being involved.
  • Sign up for the Waverley App and read the weekly Nurrunga newsletter, published every Friday afternoon. All important updates, news, alerts and information, are sent via these platforms. Tick the Year group on the Waverley App that relates to the school Year your son is in, and you will be sent alerts for information for his Year group.听
  • Join the Parent Facebook Group 鈥 details to be provided in Term 1 by your Parent Representatives. The groups are run by the Parent Representatives and will not replace communications from the College. For those who do not have Facebook, you will still receive all the information relevant to your son’s year group via the Waverley app and Nurrunga. The Facebook Group acts as an optional hub for your year group and will allow parents/carers to connect online.听

So enjoy the year ahead and get involved where you can by:

  • Getting to know your son’s teachers, their peers and their friends’ parents.
  • Encouraging your sons to have a go at different activities 鈥 even if they are outside their comfort zone.
  • Support, encourage, applaud and celebrate the efforts of others.
  • Breathe and enjoy these precious years that your son is at school, they will be gone in the blink of an eye!

Warm regards,

糖心Vlog Parents’ Association